a Parisian stroll

I moved to Paris for the next two months and I have been so overwhelmed with everything around me that I couldn’t decide what to write about. You would think that Paris would automatically be inspirational for a fashion blog, but it kind of had the opposite effect-too much of a good thing! 🙂

Well, now I’ve settled in and am really enjoying this truly magnificent city! I must say that the women here are exceptionally beautiful, classy and well-dressed- inspiration from all sides! And there is always something fun to do. If you happen to have a free sunny afternoon here is a suggestion what to do….

You should start at the omnipresent Eiffel Tower and walk down the park. Do not miss an opportunity to take a spin on the carrousel. It is so much fun! (do look outside coz you will get sick, honestly this thing is faster than you think ;))


Cross the Seine and take a walk on the other side. There are nice benches to take a rest and appreciate the scenery.


Draw on a wall…


Play a board game… (I won :))


Pose as Jefferson….


Buy a book…


Then cross Pont Neuf  and marvel at the Notre Dame cathedral.

Voila, a perfect sunny afternoon!

Shoes: Bocage / Skirt: Stradivarius / Shirt, Jacket: Zara



Bags Bags Bags

Yesterday I found my grandma’s collection of bags from the 60′ and 70’s. Let me tell you my grandma had style, and each bag came with matching shoes and gloves (which sadly don’t fit me). For last night I chose the white bag to match my white skirt! In the next few posts, I’ll try to show the other bags as well!

WP_001420 WP_001435 WP_001434 WP_001430Skirt: Bershka / Top: Pull & Bear / Bag: Vintage

Flamboyant H&M

With spring officially in town, and summer just around the corner, the city is full of colorful people and styles. Stopping by any H&M store will definitely supply you with accessories flamboyant enough to join a circus. We couldn’t resist taking a few photos 🙂

gem collars, flamboyant earrings, flower headbands, glitter shoes, skull necklaces, and peacock headpieces…..

Thumba_2013-04-14_18-36-03   Thumba_2013-04-14_18-35-03    Lomogram_2013-04-14_06-38-55-PM

Thumba_2013-04-14_17-31-11     Lomogram_2013-04-14_06-16-41-PM   Lomogram_2013-04-14_05-59-29-PM