Last week Zagreb hosted the annual Animafest, which is a competition film festival for animated movies. I had a chance to see this amazing animated movie called Approved for Adoption by Jung who retells the story of his Korean origins and the adoption into a Belgian family, and I strongly recommend that you see it. I cried like a baby. You can watch the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTz4nWpL5DI

That day I wore comfortable baggy pants, paired with even more comfortable wedges. The cardigan was made by my grandma! 🙂

DSC03726 DSC03730 DSC03720 DSC03734Pants & Bag: Zara / T-shirt & Necklace: H&M / Belt: Gucci / Sunnies: Aldo


At the Museum

Recently I visited the Archeological Museum in Zagreb and you may wonder how this is related to fashion but it just goes to show how recyclable fashion really is. We saw jewellery pieces predominantly from the Iron Age, so thousands of years ago, and yet striking similarities in fashion can be noticed.

Talk about statement necklaces: the one on the left Zara, the one on the left Iron Age


Zara necklace









Earrings and Earring cuffs: first pic Iron Age / below: ear cuff Bottica, the hoops Asos


Boticca ear cuff

asos earringsWonderful hair decoration from the Iron Age:


Me between ancient Egyptian sarcophagi:

WP_001322Back to Our Age:




Today I felt like wearing something reminiscent of my grandma’s years, such as an elegant shirt and high-waist pants with buttons on the sides. Add to it curly hair, vintage earrings and a digital vintage watch and you are ready for a blast from the past!







Shirt: Christian Berg / Pants: Zara / Bag: The Sak / Shades: Zara / Earrings: Vintage


Military Collar

I love military collars! Such clean-cut lines work especially well with a more quirky patterned skirt to soften the blow.

Also, these “telephone wire” scrunchies are really practical – they look cute as bracelets and you always have something to tie your hair with.





Skirt: Bershka / Blouse: Zara /Necklaces: H&M / Photos by Iva