a Parisian stroll

I moved to Paris for the next two months and I have been so overwhelmed with everything around me that I couldn’t decide what to write about. You would think that Paris would automatically be inspirational for a fashion blog, but it kind of had the opposite effect-too much of a good thing! 🙂

Well, now I’ve settled in and am really enjoying this truly magnificent city! I must say that the women here are exceptionally beautiful, classy and well-dressed- inspiration from all sides! And there is always something fun to do. If you happen to have a free sunny afternoon here is a suggestion what to do….

You should start at the omnipresent Eiffel Tower and walk down the park. Do not miss an opportunity to take a spin on the carrousel. It is so much fun! (do look outside coz you will get sick, honestly this thing is faster than you think ;))


Cross the Seine and take a walk on the other side. There are nice benches to take a rest and appreciate the scenery.


Draw on a wall…


Play a board game… (I won :))


Pose as Jefferson….


Buy a book…


Then cross Pont Neuf  and marvel at the Notre Dame cathedral.

Voila, a perfect sunny afternoon!

Shoes: Bocage / Skirt: Stradivarius / Shirt, Jacket: Zara



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