Is it a man’s or woman’s shirt?

One perk of this very “gender unspecified” fashion is that you can buy male clothes which are usually better material and lower prices. The Amancio Ortega clan (Zara, Bershka, Pull and Bear…) are definitely the stores to rummage through the male sections. The sizes of shirts and sweaters are pretty small and the clothes fit especially well if you are not built like an average girl (I’m for example quite tall).

So next time you go shopping check out what’s in store for men, for a change.

Lomogram_2013-04-27_04-24-49-PM Lomogram_2013-04-27_03-03-33-PM

Lomogram_2013-04-27_03-04-27-PM  Lomogram_2013-04-27_04-05-21-PM


Shirt: Zara Man / Pants: Stradivarius / Bag: local shop in Egypt / Earrings: Croatian designer / Shades: Ralph Lauren / Ring: Miss Sixty

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